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Friday, July 09, 2010

Uploading pics

Hi everybody, thanks to all who are following my blog in some way! These weeks I have sooo many new photos that I just can't keep up with uploading, not to mention posting here... Right now I am cleaning up my hard drive and uploading all my pics to Flickr so that I can work with them from there. In the meantime, have a visit over there!
Sziasztok, köszönöm mindenkinek, aki valamilyen módon követi a blogomat! Ezekben a hetekben annyi új fotóm van, hogy nem győzöm őket feltölteni, nem beszélve arról, hogy itt még írjak is róluk. Most éppen a gépemen végzek nagytakarítást, és minden képet a Flickrre rakok fel, hogy aztán onnan dolgozhassak velük. Addig is, látogassatok meg ott!

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Trotter said...

Hi Andrea! It seems you have been so busy you don't have time to visit us... ;)) And Stockholm seems also busy... ;)

Blogtrotter Two is showing some incredible rocks by the sea... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Andrea Gerak said...

hi Gil, right, I don't even have time to deal with all my own pictures... busy with booking concerts and with preparations to get on the road...:-)
But rocks by the sea sounds exciting, I should check them out!

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