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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Swedish Royal Wedding

A svéd királyi esküvő

The wedding of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling (now Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland) yesterday, on 19 June 2010, was definitely the greatest event I have seen since I live here in Stockholm!
Tegnap, 2010. június 19-én volt Svédország trónörökösnőjének (egyes fordításokban koronahercegnőjének), Victoriának és Daniel Westlingnek (mostantól Daniel Svéd Hercegnek, Västergötland Hercegének) esküvője. Kétségtelenül a legnagyszerűbb esemény, amióta Stockholmban élek! 

Swedish Royal Wedding - 6
"The Best Summer Place" - says the Kulturhuset ("House of Culture"), the big social, cultural and community center in the middle of the city

Swedish Royal Wedding - 2
Waiting at Sergels Torg

Swedish Royal Wedding - 3
Gotta put your crowns on for this big day!

Somebody's gotta oversee the whole operation. They sure had a great view!

Swedish Royal Wedding - 14

Swedish Royal Wedding - 12
Crowded Kungstradgarden, people watching the wedding ceremony

Swedish Royal Wedding - 10

Swedish Royal Wedding - 11
That's how much we could see on the screens (And that's how much I could conceal the unsightly heads in the background)

The Big Moments of Victoria and Daniel, in the Storkyrkan (Great Church)

Swedish Royal Wedding - 7
Some of the cutest moments

Swedish Royal Wedding - 8

Everybody is excited, on the ground, on the water and in the air...


The Royal Castle





The newly-wed couple already in the Castle

The Crown Princess and her now royal husband should live forever after, like in the fairy tales - and let's see who is next to marry: her sister Madeleine or brother Philip?

All photos by Andrea Gerak. Photo licensing, business enquiries, general requests or questions that wouldn't fit into a comment here:

Although the following doesn't really fit to a reportage on a royal wedding, you might want to have a look, for travel (and life) is much easier, if you have this info:

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