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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More boats & ice

The last few pics from my walk on Saturday afternoon

My fingers got frozen at least 6 times, although I was shooting in gloves. Even by the end (about 2 hours later) my lungs started to freez. Ice and snow everywhere, but hot tea only at home, in about one hour more.

And by the way, with these new pictures that I put here from Flickr, you can even see the more or less exact location of the pictures on the map

Ice in Stockholm

On this one, you can also find me .-)
Winter in the harbor

Winter in the harbor

Ice in Stockholm

Boat on Ice

Sunset on Ice

Winter Stockholm

Jumping in the water

Back towards the bridge:
Strandvagen in the winter

Already on the city side of the bridge:
Boats in the winter, Stockholm

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claude said...

Thanks for that very pleasant visit.

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