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Monday, February 05, 2007

Langholmen in winter

I took these pictures on a nice green piece in Stockholm, called Langholmen. That's where I started the October walk with my husband. Now we went in another direction, to the West corner of the island, to catch something of the sunset.

The inner city of Stockholm, beyond the bridge

Houses in Marieberg

In the restaurant of Karlskall they were just about to start a wedding party

Edge of the ice


claude said...

As usually, pretty pictures but brrrr !!! Over here no snow no ice not really a winter weather, grey sky and very wet.

raindrop said...

Well, here we have blue sky. But I really miss the snow, and those pictures remind me my childhood.

Stockholm seems to be a so beautiful city!

Andrea Gerak said...

Yes, this is one thing I like about Stockholm: real winter weather and not the ugly grey I used to see in Budapest

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