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Monday, February 12, 2007

Beyond the bridge, at Djurgarden

Now I have to make some experiments with the layout and the pictures, because Blogger changed the way of storing images. I hope you will enjoy the new look, as soon as I found how would it be best :-)

That's where I started my walk on Saturday afternoon

Now we are already on the island, view of the city side:
Strandvagen, Stockholm

And the island:
Djurgarden, Stockholm

Beyond th corner of the island, there is a little harbor. On some boats, people are LIVING, all year round.
Boat in Stockholm

Boats in Stockholm

Boats at Djurgarden, Stockholm

And this one is an old ship, museum of the Vasa which was built in the 17th century and sunk immediately:
Vasa museum, Stockholm

1 comment:

claude said...

Thank you for thoses pictures, Andrea. I am sure your walk has been very pleasant. Beautiful harbor and boats. It seems Sweden is a beautiful country.

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