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Friday, June 06, 2008


I didn' forget to reveal this secret place, I promise that will be the very next one.
Nem felejtettem el, hogy leleplezzem ezt a titokzatos helyet, ígérem, tényleg az lesz a következő bejegyzés.

But I'm sure you will be fine with this one now for 6th of June, the National Holiday of Sweden.
De biztos vagyok benne, hogy ma, június 6-án megfelel ez a bejegyzés is.

This is so new for the Swedish that the majority of people still consider Midsommar as The Real Big Swedish National Holiday. According to a survey by today's Dagens Nyheter, not even 25% of surveyed people (more than 2000 persons) celebrate 6th of June.
Ez az ünnep annyira új a svédek számára, hogy az emberek többsége még mindig a Midsommart tartja az Igazi Nagy Svéd Nemzeti Ünnepnek. A Dagens Nyheter mai számának felmérése szerint a megkérdezetteknek (több mint 2000 fő) alig 25%-a ünnepli.

Still many do and today I saw a city and a lot of people dressed in blue&yellow.
Viszont vannak sokan, akik ünneplik, és ma kék-sárgába öltözött várost és embereket láttam.

These nice young girls really took time and care to look properly:
Ezek a kedves fiatal lányok valóban szántak rá időt és energiát, hogy megfelelően nézzenek ki:

Blue&yellow 4

And guess what kind of cookies they were eating:
És vajon milyen sütit ettek:

Blue&yellow 1

How can you get more Swedish than that? :-)
Hogy is lehetne valaki ennél svédebb? :-)

And I liked this flower composition in the very middle of the Royal Palace Court:
Ez a virágkompozíció pedig megtetszett nekem a királyi palota udvarának kellős közepén:

Blue&yellow 2

This picture, taken at the back of the Royal Castle, gives you a real Stockholm feeling:
Ez a fotó a palota mögül fényképezve pedig bemutatja az igazi stockholmi fílinget:

Blue&yellow 3

Unfortunately, I missed the big balloon thing (they let 50 thousand blue and yellow ballons up in the air!), so please if you took some shots, place a link here so that we can see how was it.
Sajnos, lemaradtam a nagy lufizásról (50 000 kék és sárga luftballont eresztettek fel), úgyhogy, ha készítettél képeket, lőgy szíves, tedd ide a linket, hogy mi is lássuk, milyen volt!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, we ARE the two girls in the picture!! And we look very Swedish indeed, though we are actually Russian:))) You've got amazing pictures of Stockholm, we love them really and the places are so familiar... Too bad we missed the balloons too, but we've got some other nice pictures of the wonderful city of Stockholm. And we think it might be a good idea for you to make a photo report from St.Petersburg some day - another magnificent European city with lots of bridges and water and breath-taking views:) Well, since we are also great lovers of city walks, maybe we'll meet soon somewhere in this small big city! (and speak some Russkij;) All the best, Irina & Alena

Per Stromsjo said...

Now how's that for a Russkij coincidence! ;)

Lovely pictures. I stayed indoors, the weather is far too hot for me.

Looks like you had a great day.

Peter Fristedt said...


A friend of mine reported that the balloon thingie was spectacular. Unfortunately she didn't have a camera.

Andrea Gerak said...

Hey Irina & Alena, zdravstvujtje! :-)))
Yes, I always wanted to go to St. Petersburg ever since I learned about it in school. So I should plan a visit there :-)
Enjoy this weekend and you have my contact details if you feel like having a tshaj with me when we can govoritj po russki - at least I can try, ja zabila mnogo...
Privet! :-))

Andrea Gerak said...

Per and Peter, I was hoping that you guys took some breathtaking pics...
Right, it was really hot, so I can understand those who stayed inside.

So about the balloons, we have to look for other place. even had a photo contest where the prize is a balloon trip for two persons - I'm sure there are some cool shots there.

Per Stromsjo said...

Don't worry Andrea, our special correspondent did get lots of balloons yesterday. Why don't you stop by on Monday for his report! ;)

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