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Monday, June 25, 2007

My Midsommar

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Midsommar (Midsummer) is The Big Holiday for Swedish people. If you can't see almost anything of the Sun for months, it's very well understandable that you will be extremely happy about the days when it is light all day. Here in Stockholm, around the longest day of the year we have 5.5 hours only when the Sun is not up. In the North, it's even more so: the Sun doesn't even go down at all.

Well, lets don't talk about how difficult is to sleep when it is as light as on these pictures, let's just enjoy the summer!

Last year I had a few photos of how people celebrate it when they get together in the community.

Other than this singing & dancing together, it's garden party time: the people disappear from the city and go out to their summer houses for the weekend. So did we on friday: got together with my husband's family and a few friends.

And a dog one of the couples was sitting for a few days, which brought some excitement and funny moments into the not-too-actionful day.

Nice food: a lot of fish, mostly herring prepared in different ways, potatoes, a little grilling and rhebarb in delicious hot zinnamon sauce. The only point was that I couldn't really enjoy the vanilla ice cream that went with it, because I was anyway freezing like hell...

In the middle of summer, around 13 degrees, sitting still for long hours... Brrrrr! Luckily, my husband's jacket was big enough to put on top of my outdoor jacket...

But yesterday it was very nice weather, so we made it up for freezing before.

Me & my Honey had a little trip to Tyresta which is a wonderful national park and nature reserves area. Just outside of Stockholm, so if you follow the Journey planner link on their website, you can easily go there with public transport (type in "Tyresta by" in the "to" field).

It is definitely worth for a trip!

We started with walking in a beautiful primeval forest which is unique: they don't cultivate it but it is left in it's natural state, representing a typical Middle Sweden forest. So you can see dead trees and such pretty often.

A few shots, on the way to our picnic place:

Tyresta National Park. Photos: Andrea Gerak

Tyresta National Park. Photos: Andrea Gerak

Tyresta National Park. Photos: Andrea Gerak

Tyresta National Park. Photos: Andrea Gerak

Tyresta National Park. Photos: Andrea Gerak

Tyresta National Park. Photos: Andrea Gerak


claude said...

Oh ! I thought to write a comment ? I wanted to tell you "How do you do to take such beautiful pictures ? I like those ones.

GMG said...

Hi Andrea,
Great midsummer post! Where were you heading north to? Beautiful pictures.
Thanks for your visits and comments to Blogtrotter. Loved!

Andrea Gerak said...

Merci Claude :-)

I only learned a few things about compsitions and I just do the rest: imagine how something that I see would look like on a photo.

But I know nothing about lights, zooms and all these technical things...

Gil, thanks! :-)
We went to the Swedish-Finnish border, Torneo. More pics to come, hang on!

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