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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seagulls waltz

Listen to little birdie's station

Seagulls are beautiful birds, I'm sure you agree. Especially at sea.

Here in Stockholm you don't only see them by the water but basically everywhere.

Seagulls in Stockholm. Photos: Andrea Gerak

When I moved here, first I found it wonderful to have seagulls outside our window, around the big tree. Isn't it wonderful? For a girl coming from a country where there is no sea!

The strange thing is that it's a suburb in Stockholm, pretty far from any water I know of. We suspect they nest on top of the high houses. And I was wondering what do they live on? Here we have fish only in the supermarkets...

Well, here's the answer: they find all kind of crumbles and other trash, which pretty much takes away from all the aesthetics these creatures are associated with.

Seagulls in Stockholm. Photos: Andrea Gerak

Seagulls in Stockholm. Photos: Andrea Gerak

And what is more, they have a terribly aweful voice! Why can't they sing nicely, like other decent birds do???

It might sound very romantic when you are walking on the beach with your love.
But when a dozen of them are having a conference just outside your home at 3 in the morning... I got really pissed off last night! Uhhhhhhhhh!

But this song is way much nicer than seagulls singing: Seagull's Waltz by my friend, Evan Paul. You should definitely listen to it!


GMG said...

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for your visit and comment at Blogtrotter.
I fully agree with your views on seagulls. Period!
Budapest is beautiful, but Stockholm (in summer) is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. You're so lucky to be there...
The first picture seems to me to be of a place I love very much: the quay of Nybroviken! Next to the right should be the Hotel Diplomat, where we stayed in 1981. I posted some pictures from that trip under the label Sweden on Blogtrotter 70s and 80s ( Would appreciate your comments there!
And one day I would love to learn how to make links on comments...
Take care

claude said...

I like this place and I am sure everyone can enjoy in seeing seagulls in the city.

Andrea Gerak said...

Yes, that's right Gil, it is Nybroviken. I saw your pictures and the view you had from Hotel Diplomat is awesome!

Claude, that's true, it is a wonderful place and mostly I am fine with seagulls too - but sometimes they do piss me off when they wake me up VERY early in the morning...

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