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Saturday, May 24, 2008

John Fogerty rocks Stockholm

Listen to little birdie's station

Hi people, thanks for being around! I didn't have time to be here and read your comments, visit your blogs etc this week, I am preparing for my concert today - if you are here in Stockholm, why not come by and have some fun? If you are looking for an alternative to the Eurovision thing, this can be a really nice program.

Now just wanted to share with you quickly my impressions from last night: we went to Hovet (an ice hockey arena which is very much used for bigger concerts) to see the old man, John Fogerty.

It was not full house, 3/4 maybe, but was an enthusiastic crowd, the way 50-60 years old people can party. As I looked around, I could count only about 40-50 boys & girls who were obviously younger than me - I am 40.

This way no wonder that in the middle, they put down chairs - that is the place where you go if you want to STAND on your feet and move your body, that is the place for the hard core fans. But I haven't seen anything like this: chairs in the middle of an arena, for a rock concert...

John Fogerty at Hovet, Stockholm 1

Anyway, for the second hour, all those decent ladies and gentlemen stood up and shook their bodies, just as well as the majority of the rest.

The guys on the stage did great, they played beside new songs from the Revival album the good oldies like Good Golly Miss Molly, Have You Ever Seen The Rain and such. Of course the arena was singing along.

John Fogerty used at least 5 guitars: a yellow, a black, a white, a blue and the red one - as far as I could keep track.

And it was awesome to see 6, yes six! guitars & bass guitars at once. Unfortunately, my little camera is not made for shooting in the dark from a big distance, so I only managed to take a few somewhat good pictures (with only 5 guitars).

John Fogerty at Hovet, Stockholm 2

John Fogerty at Hovet, Stockholm 4

John Fogerty at Hovet, Stockholm 3

Have a rocking good weekend everybody!

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Per Stromsjo said...

So how did the concert go? I believe the weather cooperated nicely.

Andrea Gerak said...

Hey Per, didn't I just write about the concert? :-)

Per Stromsjo said...

I'm referring to your concert...


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