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Friday, August 31, 2007

Subway art at Hasselby strand

Listen to little birdie's station

Probably the largest art exhibition of the world: the subway stations of Stockholm, with a different piece at each.
Valószínűleg a világ legnagyobb művészeti kiállítása a stockholmi metró, mindegyik állomáson más-más darabbal.

This cute mosaic figure and the picture are on the wall of an end station, Hasselby strand.
Ez a jópofa mozaikfigura és a falon lévő kép a Hasselby strand állomáson látható.

Stockholm subway art work 1.

Stockholm subway art work 2.


claude said...

Very nice ! In Paris the most beautiful subway station is Opera.

Andrea Gerak said...

I have to go and see that whenever I get to Paris.

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