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Monday, April 16, 2007

Let's go to the sea!

Listen to little birdie's station

Finally!!! It's beautiful weather here in Stockholm: our thermometer shows 22 Celsius at this moment, in the shade, which is a nice summer day. Yesterday afternoon me and my husband went out to the sea, to a very pretty nature reserve area at the Achipelago on the Gålö peninsula, South-East from the city.

If you happen to visit Stockholm and wonder what to do, what is worth to see, the sea side, the Archipelago with it's countless little islands and peninsulas is a sure bet.

You can hop on a boat that will take you for a trip or, if you only have let's say 3 hours to spend in a sunshiny weather, you can just take a local bus from the city and voila, you are at the sea shore.

We took the car, but I saw a bus there, #845.

And yeah, it was so nice warm, I was only in shorts and bra, getting some tan :-)

So here you go, the few first pics, enjoy!

Sitting on top of a rock, having a ham sandwich and looking at this, to my left:

Gålö peninsula, Stockholm Archipelago. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Gålö peninsula, Stockholm Archipelago. Photo: Andrea Gerak

Here I was sitting right by the water, dipping my feet every once in a while for a few seconds - was almost hurting cold, I guess around 6-8 degrees.

Gålö peninsula, Stockholm Archipelago. Photo: Andrea Gerak


Per Stromsjo said...

I didn’t think green water could look inviting but as usual it depends. Delightful view, sort of a mini-pre-summer. It’s not supposed to be like this at all in April, you know...

And you’re right about the archipelago. It’s a safe bet for a remarkable slightly-out-of-city experience.

(BTW: Thanks for linking!)

claude said...

beautiful "corner" but water too cold for me.

Andrea Gerak said...

The green stuff is UNDER the water, the water is almost crystal clear :-)
But right, it was goddamn cold!

Kala said...

I cant even imagine how cold that must be but I would love to be there to see it with you!

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