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Monday, April 21, 2008

Pets outside

Listen to little birdie's station

In the suburb called Bandhagen, one can see pets that spend all their times outside the houses. Art work by Irish-born sculptor Aline Magnusson
A Bandhagen nevű külvárosban a háziállatok kint töltik minden idejüket. Az ír születésű Aline Magnusson szobrászművész munkái:

Cat Tinker Bell


I forgot the name of this dog...
Elfelejtettem a nevét ennek a kutyusnak...


Piglet Glader



Per Stromsjo said...

Well my vote is on the piglet.

claude said...

I prefer the cat !

GMG said...

Hi Andrea! So you profited from the fact that I was absent to post without notice... ;))
Four months in Budapest and now Stockholm for the summer; wise girl... ;))
The multicolour house is superb!
Have a great Sunday and a better week!

raindrop said...

with pets like these the streets are always clean!!! ... but I still prefere real pets, specially dogs!

Writer said...

I'm from Malaysia. It is the nice pictures of Sweden. I'm always dream to visit to Scandavian countries.

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