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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Manniska och pelare

Listen to little birdie's station

Oops, I missed the Subway Day!
O-ó, lekéstem a Metró Napot!

So now I found something from the Mariatorget subway station here in Stockholm.
Most találtam két képet a stockholmi Mariatorget metróállomásról.

A statue by Louise Sundell or Asmund Arle - I couldn't figure it out from the description who made it.
Egy szobor - de a leírásból enm tudtam kiokoskodni, kinek az alkotása: Louise Sundell é vagy Asmund Arle-é.




Peter F said...

It's almost something surreal with this statue. I often pass Mariatorget. Must get off one day.

Happy subway day, Andrea!

Per Stromsjo said...

Thanks Andrea. We must spread the word to any remote corner of the planet where people might still be unaware of subway day! ;)

claude said...

A beauty in the subway !

GMG said...

It seems that subway day is progressing...
Loved to see the statue!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hej Andrea!

Följande information hittade jag på SL:s hemsida:
Bronsskulptur "Människa och pelare" på plattformen fick följande juryomdöme: "Innerlighet och mänsklig värme kännetecknar detta förslag som har utomordentligt fina skulpturala kvaliteter".

Sedan invigningen har skulpturen trots "säker" fastsättning i plattformsgolvet stulits ett antal gånger och måst gjutas om.

Stationen och konstverket invigdes 1964.

Konstnärer: Asmund Arle

hälningar Flopsie STH

Anonymous said...

Hello Andreal! I own thanks to you because you've leave me two photos of the statue in Stockholm's subway. I just saw this statue last evening. It has left me so great impression! But I fail to get a photo at that time. So I searched it by google, I got it!
It is almost impossible for me to go to Stockholm again because I will leave Vasteras back for China soon. Oh, I am Chinese.
my blog:

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