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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Buried in roses

Listen to little birdie's station

It's disgusting grey outside, so I wanted to have some color and sunshine and I chose a few older photos.
Gusztustalan szurkeseg van odakint, ezert egy kis szint meg napsutest akartam, igy kivalasztottam nehany regebbi kepet.

June in Stockholm: wild roses everywhere
Junius Stockholmban: vadrozsa mindenfele

Wild roses

Stockholm summer

And my favorite: the traffic lamp is completely surrounded by this big bush, as it grew from it.
Es a kedvencem: a lampat teljesen korulveszi ez a nagy bokor, mintha ebbol none ki.

Buried in roses


Sun Singer said...

Beautiful photographs. Today, in drought-plagued north Georgia (USA) I'm actually happy to see the grey skies. Then the flowers in my garden will look more like your pictures.


Andrea Gerak said...

Hi Malcolm, nice to see you here! :-)
I wish you good rain for your flowers...

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