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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Colorful wooden clogs

The famous Swedish wooden clogs are not only absolutely comfy (oh, I love it!) but can be also nice. Here's the proof that they must not be always the very boring black or white :-)
For myself, I would like one pair in red or blue lacquer, but I only found it in small size...

Inspired by fruit salad:

For romantic ladies:

And the winner is:


claude said...

Oh! They are so beautiful! I like these ones for romantic ladies

ONOGUR said...

JÖTTEK norvég teflonok!
Baromi rondák!
Gyere be, Vedd meg az egész üzletet!

Dr. Gyarm. P. from Bp.:

Nem ényekesnyői blog...REVOLUCIONISTA!

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